Project Manager Tasks that must be done before Summer Vacation

20.06.2011 0

I am trying to plan some time away and forecasting when would be the best time to take holidays.  This is not a straight forward task – I have to look ahead at project deliverables, I have to coordinate with the team to ensure there’s overlap of skills, and I have plan dates, inform the team etc.  Adding to this are my personal preparations.  This leads me to one conclusion: “Logistics are a Lifestyle – not a job.”

So what are the top things that I think must be covered before I can go away:

  1. Analyze project schedules.  I’m looking at deliverables and trying to plan my time away so that I won’t miss any critical milestones.
  2. Determine who will be taking over my tasks while I’m gone.  Actually no one will do the day-to-day but in case of critical issues, everyone needs to know who can sort them out and would take the lead.
  3. Reconfirming leadership roles.  I’m going to remind the stakeholders who the leader is for various components of the projects.  This is a good time to showcase the talents of team members who are naturally gravitating to leadership roles.
  4. Plan my reporting.  I want to have my reporting templates pre-populated with the relevant milestones so that reports to the stakeholders are easily generated  and updated by the team.
  5. Revisit future work packages with the team leads.   Packages are regularly updated as project deliverables are completed but any vague areas will have to be defined.
  6. Risk review.  I think it’s also important to get input from the team during the next few scrums.  I’d like to hear about the risks they think they’ll encounter when they get to the tasks in the schedule.

I’m hoping that this preparation will keep the post-vacation backlog to a small pile, keep the stakeholders happy, and give the team an opportunity to really shine.


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