Case Study: Mobile Media – Roving Reporters and iPhones

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How do you empower reporters in the field to deliver real-time video news stories?  Is it possible to cut costs for production, provide a desktop quality video editing application, and reliably send the completed content into the newsroom?  This was the challenge for VeriCorder Technology Inc.

This start-up company was founded to produce mobile journalist tools working on the iOS platform.  The company vision was to develop a sophisticated video-editing app that could send stories  that integrated to any newsroom system.  Stories produced by mobile journalists could then be viewed using traditional media or by using the Internet.



I was brought into the organization to manage development of the product, build business process for quality assurance and customer engagement, and direct the deployment of the product into the field.

This was a new business venture, working on a new development platform, in an emerging market.  Risks were significant.  My focus was on creating an Agile development environment, and recruiting the best team to complete the work and support early customer adopters.



The product is a media system developed over three phases:

  1. Applications working on iOS devices that can record, edit, and send content to specific targets.
  2. System Architecture utilizing cloud solutions.  iOS devices can be remotely configured and specific permissions are set for app users.
  3. IP based playout systems that transcode video and allow administrators to display the content of their choice.

Several patents were filed during the creation of the product and a system was deployed for the 2010 Winter Olympics.  CBC, BBC, Vista Radio, NewsBoss, Fanshawe College, and David Systems have utilized the system and commercialization efforts are ongoing.


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