Case Study: Don’t Steal my Baby

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Maternity hospital administrators worry that their most precious occupants are safe from predators.  They don’t want anyone to be able to take a baby and leave the hospital, at least not until they’re sure the baby is leaving with the right parents.

Care workers worry too.  They want the peace of mind of knowing that children won’t leave the ward but they don’t want a system that is hard to keep sanitized.  They want a system that’s reliable and doesn’t require significant training to know how to use.



The company was launching a new system composed of proprietary hardware and software, improving on its previous designs of products for the Healthcare sector.  I managed the development and certification of new RFID devices, leading the software team on the development of a new version of its operating system, and planning for system implementation at hospital sites.

My approach captured customer requirements, reviewed additional feature upgrades and prepared design documentation for executive approval.  Once approval was made and the first prototypes were created, I obtained limited production runs for testing and certification.  After the design was confirmed and certified, I organized overseas manufacturing for the electronic components of the system.

I oversaw the testing of system software at our in-house lab and  final configuration before shipping.



Part of the solution included the development of an RFID Tag that was designed to use the human body to interrupt its electric field.  This was a novel concept and allowed the tag to be miniaturized.

Systems were configured to prevent anything with a tag from passing through guarded exits.  Proximity sensors at the exit noted the presence of a tag alerting the nurse’s station and locked the doors.

The system evolved to also be used in long-term care facilities to help prevent wandering patients from leaving the building.


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